On Thin Ice

by Gods Wisdom & Lucy

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all tracks produced by Gods Wisdom & Lucy
all lyrics by Gods Wisdom & Lucy
Morimoto plays the sax solo on beep beep
cover art by Nicholas Atkinson


"Pop Goes The Dread" by The Upsetters

"Venus" by The Upsetters

"Rasta Man Chant" by Sly & Robbie

"Santa Baby" by Eartha Kitt

"Patience" by The Upsetters

"10 Commandments" by Lee "Scratch" Perry


released December 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Gods Wisdom Northampton, Massachusetts

grandma was insane.....

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Track Name: On Thin Ice
gods wisdom:
everything is nice
in the shallow water with little bits of ice
I love you more everyday
I'm on thin ice it feels so nice
im melting more everyday

when you see me walking then you already know
walking on thin ice above the water so cold
thin ice
around some places I love
thin ice
around some people I know
I feel it more and more each day
suns hot drip drop look at the clock
lights bright thin ice isn't it nice?
Track Name: Graveyard Shift
graveyard shift it's every night
cemetery boys you know they're on so many
she cut me like were dancing with a knife
ice on the rock style good and plenty
vanish, vanish
pharmacist will ask you how you're on so many
panic, dont panic girl
we'll talk and now you know so many

gods wisdom:
I would like to welcome everybody to the show
a lot of people came a long way just to get here
many still have a long way to go
spent New Years eve in a Chinese restaurant
were going down
meet us in the elevator after the show
talk to the bellhop if you want narcotics
take em out your pocket if you're checking your coat
you can have my drink tickets
Track Name: Beep Beep
Beep Beep
and the traffics moving slow
Beep Beep
too many cars on the road
Beep Beep
and the traffics moving slow

Gods Wisdom:
I feel out of my mind on the road
cuz traffics moving slow
I feel out of control on the road
it's making me want to explode
the pedal is under my toe
and oh the places you'll go
they're throwing flowers under your feet
let the music make the traffic jam go
Thank the lord I have been released
country roads are all that I need
gasoline is free
waters very sweet
and everywhere is green
and police love to speed
and everything is paved
and everything is bleached

and now you know I feel
only me behind the wheel
still I make this deal
when 9 so slow I go home so late
I can't wait to get there
I must wait to get there cuz you cannot hurry lust
Track Name: Xmas Song
stop what you're doing
roll the windows down for me
I've got a rhythm playing
wait won't you just wait
drummer boy in the blues parade
now he plays in the new parade
they tell him what he don't want to say
again and again
stay were he wants to stay again and again
theirs no time of year like this time of day
I've got rhythm playing
wait won't you just wait
drummer boy in the school parade
what can I say
now go and play
again and again and again
go play but don't fade away
cuz at the end of the day it's always the same
just in time
right foot left foot just slide on the ice
right place right time
right foot left foot now slide on the ice
Track Name: Bonus Acid
Gods wisdom;
everyone is plastic
and it feels fantastic
gods wisdom and lucy
I'm on that bonus acid

Lucy stay away from las vegas
what happens in Massachusetts
contagious, contagious
like the love and the pain is
buckle up
see what happens
am I old enough to stay fastened in
I get by
I toughen up or else I get fastened in